The Consortium

Consorzio Bioexport Emilia-Romagna was founded in Bologna in 1994 with the aim to enhance and promote – both in Italy and abroad – the organic products of the associated companies, as of today a more than a dozen of small-medium enterprises operating throughout the region. To promote the various productions and company brands, the Consortium makes use of some promotional tools such as specialized fairs, meetings with buyers and development of targeted missions and synergistic projects in collaboration with the Region. On the basis of Law 83/89, the Consortium provides a series of specialized services to members, such as assistance and consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises, assistance at trade fairs and missions abroad, interpreting, translation and contract services in the main European languages, press activities and much more.

Board of Directors

In charge as of today

Paola Fabbri

Paola Fabbri

Administrative Manager
Massimo Monti
Communication and Foreign Affairs Manager
Stefano Silvi
Responsible for Institutional Accreditation
Paola Fabbri

Operations Manager
Alessia Ferrucci Morandi


The Consortium offers a wide range of services and opportunities to associated companies on the issues of promotion and internationalization:


Export Certification (basics information about the various certification procedures related to the country and indication of the certification bodies in charge);

Foreign VAT recovery (assistance in requesting a refund of foreign VAT paid for activities and services abroad).


Foreign office ( support to companies in managing the first contacts abroad);

Commercial information (analysis and dossies on the reliability of both old and new prospects abroad);

Database leads and prospects (scouting, search and selection of names of potential customers and / or partners)


Translation and interpreting ( linguistic support for interpreters and translators, including native speakers. );

Organizational assistance (support in organizing initiatives abroad)


Foreign help desk ( first orientation information in response to specific needs);

Incentive calls ( information and assistance in sending and reporting applications for grants for internationalization projects under provincial, regional, national tenders );

International contracts (consultancy and assistance for the drafting of contracts in use in international trade and in the management of any disputes)

Quality policy

The quality policy of Bioexport Consortium aims to:

  • Satisfy member companies (effectiveness of promotion, development, image and international presence activities);
  • Satisfy the associated companies (quality, cost efficiency and accessibility of the investments necessary to start internationalization processes);
  • Develop the image of the Consortium and associated companies;
  • Accompany associated companies in their growth on international markets through a conscious process, adopting a structured and replicable methodology and planning ad hoc training on skills and tools for internationalization.

The reference elements

For these purposes, the Consortium has identified the following elements of reference:

  • definition, monitoring and satisfaction of the needs of member companies;
  • competence and professionalism of its staff;
  • internal knowledge management and data confidentiality;
  • solicitation of the widest involvement and comparison with all associated companies;
  • commitment to the growth of the membership base (increase of consortium companies), as a driving force to favor the development of increasingly ambitious and effective projects, where the union between the associated SMEs can really lead them to acquire strength and organization of more structured companies.

A new vision

This represents a fundamental point in the new vision of the Consortium : the progressive growth of the organic sector is united by the ethics < span style = "font-size: 16px;"> and from philosophy of the production process , value more and more central n in the international demand for consumer products. In this large market, Italian SMEs find excellent development opportunities and represent the ideal offer in the face of international demand in which we believe the role of the Consortium is crucial for the support it can offer to the development of the Emilia-Romagna SMEs:

  • Commitment to building annual promotional programs that can combine the indications from the member companies with constant surveys on the international economic context;
  • Commitment to give maximum visibility to the Quality Policy of the Consortium and to the initiatives it promotes.

The Bioexport Consortium’s Management undertakes to pursue the aforementioned purposes through the appropriate implementation of the reference elements and to improve the effectiveness of the management system over time . In particular, with regard to associative development , the Management aims to promote itself towards companies operating in the reference sectors of the Consortium, undertaking to provide the necessary clarity with due information to formalize membership of the Consortium, operating with maximum impartiality in the management of membership and subsequent maintenance of membership in the Consortium.

The above represents the structural framework for the definition and review of quality objectives. The Management therefore undertakes to involve the staff in quality management, guaranteeing attention and ensuring availability in this regard. It is the responsibility of the Management to ensure that personnel have adequate knowledge of the rules governing the correct provision of the services offered (eg Privacy); as well as being constantly trained, updated and motivated in the relationship with the consortium member. On the basis of this policy, the Management annually establishes the objectives for quality, the programs and the resources to achieve them, sharing them with the staff. The Management also reviews at least annually – or in any case when the need arises – the Quality Policy , the mandatory requirements, the reference elements to ascertain their suitability. and possibly update them with a view to improvement: the Management evaluates the achievement of the defined objectives, the progress of the promotional programs, any problems related to the management of the members and consequently evaluates the development opportunities of new initiatives and opportunities for its member companies.