Stefino Lab is a B2B company that works in the ice cream sector. The company produces ready-made mixes of biological artisan ice cream for ice cream parlors, bars, restaurants and bistros, which are distributed in frozen bags to guarantee the quality of a product that is always freshly creamed, with an unmistakable flavor. The distribution takes place through frozen bags of 3 kilos of ready mix which allows to limit heat treatments and processing, so as to keep intact the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the raw materials. The creaming is another fundamental phase in the creation of a quality ice cream. Stefino Lab batch freezers do not take up space and eliminate the presence of counters and display cases, since the product is served directly from the basket. In this way Stefino Lab also eliminates waste: the machine works small quantities and guarantees an always fresh and creamy ice cream. Stefino Lab offers a product created with passion, made unique by excellent and high quality raw materials.

Bio Lab S.r.l.

via Armellini, 1/B
05100 – Terni (TR)
Cell. +39-328-4866830
Production of certified organic ice cream