The Mediterranean diet has always been close to our hearts, but when we realized that organic farming makes the flavors of our tradition even better and more intense, we decided to dedicate ourselves to producing and selecting for you healthy foods with an authentic and tasty flavor. Since 1994 we have been committed to bringing high quality organic products to Italy and to the world. We produce all the products in our factory in Sarno, and in those of our partners, who share the values, passions and dreams that have always characterized us. For more than 10 years, we have been collaborating with the Federico II University of Naples in research on new technologies (such as the ultrasound we use for our infusions) or ancient cultivars in the process of “extinction” from which our paté di zucchini and the peasant sauce. We have chosen organic because we want to bring healthy food to the table, grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, because we do not want intensive cultivation, because we want to invest in our health and that of our children, to protect us and our planet.

Bioitalia S.r.l.

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Certified organic products