La Romagnola Bio

La Romagnola Bio is a bio-artisan pasta factory. We are a reality that has existed for over thirty years in the organic dry pasta market, and since then we have been producing bronze-drawn artisan pasta. Our pasta is 100% natural, without any additives, dyes or emulsifiers added, always. The bronze drawing and the slow drying at low temperatures guarantee a pasta of the highest quality, with a unique taste that preserves all the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials used. Our range is very varied: we have abandoned the traditional Durum Wheat favoring the use of Ancient Durum Wheat, such as Saragolla – which grows in the Modena Apennines and is stone-milled – and Senatore Cappelli. We also produce what we like to define “Functional pastes” where durum wheat is combined with a functional element such as Spirulina Algae, Curcuma and Pepper, Nettle, Lupine flour and Hemp Sativa, a very good friend of our grandparents. To this are added the gluten-free pasta, which range from the classic Yellow Corn to the less known White Corn, to the mixture of Rice and Nettle, Sorghum and Linseed, Corn and Buckwheat and many others.
QUIN, the Italian Quinoa Supply Chain , was born four years ago from the idea of ​​a young farmer and his desire to create a closed-cycle company entirely dedicated to the production and processing of Quinoa and products derived from it, in order to obtain a high quality product combined with a completely organic and Italian controlled supply chain. Since then, we have grown: today our product is grown within the supply chain, stored, selected and subsequently processed for processing into brewed Quinoa, Pasta, and other by-products. Our Quinoa grows in constant compliance with the strict protocols of organic cultivation, as well as the principles of conservation and rotation of the land, in order to generate a product that, in addition to having excellent nutritional and taste-olfactory characteristics, is also ethically sustainable. The Quinoa we cultivate is a variety with a low content of saponins – a bitter substance that naturally covers most of the beans grown abroad -, for this reason it is not peeled while maintaining all the integral properties of the grain, such as the high concentration of minerals and fibers, a much deeper and richer flavor, and a characteristic golden color, which visibly differentiates it from other varieties imported overseas and which allows immediate consumption without the need for prior rinsing.

La Romagnola S.r.l.s.

Via Martiri Ponte Bastia, 11
44011 San Biagio di Argenta (FE)
Tel. +39-0532-809666
Production of pasta, couscous and similar farinaceous products.